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Independent full service
company with
proven expertise
you can trust.
Our multi-lingual and uniquely qualified staff located in two strategic offices, has the skills and resources to manage your important requirements and to recognize your need to maintain control by receiving timely and concise reports. We understand your (Charter-Party) Terms & Conditions and act accordingly. Our reputation for superior customer service and integrity is well recognized by those involved. Only because of this are we able to combine projects for multiple clients, lowering costs while maintaining strict confidentiality. The American market has come to value the European approach we bring to it: on the spot decisions and on-site problem solving based on long-term strategies. From large multinational producers to single vessel European ship owners, our representation is trusted throughout the industry. At Prime Charter we have the knowledge and experience to navigate you through the challenges of rough seas. Our focus is not clouded by inappropriate liaisons, which is why we give objective advice and have our clients’ full confidence.

What We offer:

Ocean Transport, Loading & Discharge, Storage, Distribution, Consulting, Logistics, Freight Contracting, Chartering, Bulk, Breakbulk, Project, Full & Part-Cargo, Vessel, Barge, Rail, Truck